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There's A New Kid In Town...

Hey friends.
As I type this I am staring at what remains of the fifteen inches of snow that fell yesterday.  No, I'm not in the Midwest or North.  I'm just down here in the South.  Just down here where one day it's 75 and the next its 23.  

My kids are out of school.  I am out of work.  
Tomorrow will be the same - no school, no work.
It's a headache.
But it's Christmas.
I wasted two hours of my life on Friday watching Dumplin'. I knew the movie wouldn't hold a candle to the book but good gravy - they really chopped that book into little pieces and then just grabbed a few random ones to make the movie either fit the time it was given or to make a producer happy.
I wasted an hour last night watching a Hallmark Christmas Movie.  Specifically, it was the really long title regarding going home for Christmas and starred JR's kid from Dallas (the remake from too many years ago...) it sucked.
But it's Christmas.
The kids and I baked yesterday - …

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