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Friday #22/2018 - CCK Blog

Friday..hey baby!
If you are off today then - good for you.  I am not.  If you are working like me then high five sister, cheers our coffee cups and let's get the damn thing done.
My week has been pretty great.
After a nice weekend of rain ahem we got a pretty nice week with sunshine.

Work was good.  I loved seeing a client for the first time in over a month.  I also was super happy to be in some of my favorite homes getting them so fresh and so clean and pretty!  I really love getting a house cleaned up for a new season and in case you didn't know Memorial Day is really just HEY SUMMER!

My husband had the week off and was in sloth mode.  It only annoyed me one day.  One out of five isn't bad, right?
The daughter had a low key week as they prepare for EOG testing (next week.) 
The boy had a BIG week.  He graduated preschool!

This week I had the beach on my brain.  My husband said it's because he has been home all week.  Correlation:  weird.  I spent Wednesday searching…

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