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Admission, Asking, Referring (My New Random) - CCK Blog

Starting off today with a question for you!  Do you like "train of thought" posts?  You know the kind I refer to as diarrhea of the brain?  Do you like "favorite thing" posts?  I mean, I know it isn't Christmas and all...

Generally, this is the time of the week I publish out my Healthy Girl post.  I decided this week to chill out on that one because next week I am going to start a new topic in Healthy Girl.  Hello, I gave Free Your Mind a month!  I figured you were ready to scoot along to another topic.  (See I try to mix it up, y'all!)

So today I'm going to admit, ask, and refer.


Admission:  I watched the royal wedding about four times.  Did you know BBC America just kept re airing it all day on the 19th? Naturally around 5pm I turned it on and let it play through over and over.  I am a slight anglophile. Queen Elizabeth II is pretty amazing and I would absolutely adore getting one of her line of Corgis.  (That's random I know.) I like many peop…

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