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Wednesday Catch All - What's up?

Good morning!  I have been MIA for the month and well that's apparently my new norm.  I actually put this post together on Sunday morning while sipping my coffee and enjoying a day of only doing things that I found enjoyable (as Sundays should be if you ask me.)

When I realized it was the end of the month I knew that a WUW post would be a good catch up!  So without further wait here's what you could care less about!

Let's talk food -
Y'all I have thrown all food matters in the wind and have been eating like it's my dang job.  For the month I have been in trainings and at these trainings they provide great meals and trays of chocolates and chips and sodas and well you get it.  I have been eating my fair share of Peanut M&M's. 
Since I do not get home until close to 7pm I haven't been feeding my family.  However, I did stock up on things such as Red Baron freezer pizza, Stouffer's lasagnas, and other sh*t can food.
This week I vowed to be a better huma…

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